Hot New Trend: Dinosaur Wedding Photos!

Couples in the throes of planning their perfect day and about to book an Asian wedding video provider could have a lot of fun if they decide to take part in one of the latest trends for wedding photos – dinosaur attack! It’s quite simple to pull off, although you might want to have a chat with your chosen photographer first so he can work out how best to organise it. All you have to do is ask your guests to charge towards the photographer with looks of terror on their faces (or, more likely, big smiles!) and then Photoshop a Tyrannosaurus Rex (or your preferred choice of prehistoric titan) into the background. The overall effect is really quite spectacular and is definitely amusing for all the guests to participate in. No more standing in front of the church waiting for their turn to have their pictures snapped! Of course, you do need a bit of space to be able to get the full effect so think if you’ve got a spare field or big patch of grass nearby you can use. And just think how much fun it’ll be to look back over your wedding snaps over the years – your kids will definitely love it, although they might get a tad confused and/or scared so make sure you tell them that dinosaurs are very definitely extinct. If this doesn’t appeal, what about some of the other photography trends to have come out in recent months? One of the biggest – and possibly most bizarre – is for the bridesmaids to hike their skirts up a touch and flash their derrieres, but you might want to be certain that grandparents aren’t present before giving this one a try!