Terms & Conditions

Booking fee (Deposit)

The Booking Fee secures the time and services of the Videographers for the event and is non-refundable or transferable in the event of cancellation, it being the agreed loss suffered by the Videographer due to cancellation. Events that must be postponed to a later date will retain the deposit as long as YSD Media can re-schedule for the new date and time but may be subject to a further deposit.

Following payment of the booking fee, the balance of payments must be paid two weeks before the event date. Late payments will result in a 5% charge being incurred, which will be added to the final balance.
Films cannot be delivered unless payments due have been paid in full. Payments for additional services are due upon ordering of those items.

The Videographer may display any footage included in this contract in his/her studio, portfolio, literature, display areas exhibitions, competitions, advertising or slideshows and websites unless otherwise denied upfront by the client.

YSD Media will retouch, digitally manipulate and finish according our own discretion. Any retouching, digital manipulation or finishing which is requested by the Client(s) may be subject to an extra charge at the discretion of the YSD Media. After viewing the first draft and providing us with a set of changes within 2 weeks, clients will be invited to view their final film prior to delivery, and can make final decisions regarding the content. If changes are not provided within 2 weeks from the date sent, YSD Media reserve the right to refuse a request for changes and deliver the film without.

We use broadcast quality well maintained equipment, however we will not be liable for any radio signal losses, battery failures, equipment failure and or material defects, which are beyond our control. In the unlikely event of a total video failure our liabilities are limited to a refund of all monies paid by the Client(s).

All video footage or copies of video footage whether stored digitally or otherwise and any computer program including any source or object code, computer files or printed documentation relating to such items are protected by the Copyright and Design Act of 1988. It is contrary to the Act to copy or allow to be copied video graphically/electronically or by any other means an image created as part of this contract without the permission of the Videographer in writing. YSD Media do not use commercial music within our films instead use a music licensing company to enable clients to display their films online.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy can be found at www.ysdmedia.co.uk

The videographer appointed will be granted artistic license in relation to the footage filmed and the locations used. The Videographer’s judgment regarding the location/poses and number of shots shall be deemed correct. Due to the unpredictability of the weather and the willingness of subjects it may be impossible to capture all of the footage requested.

YSD Media operate as a team of videographers, one or two of which will be considerately assigned to your event by Stefan Remneson (creative director of YSD Media). In the unlikely event of the assigned videographer being unable to attend the agreed event due to unforeseen circumstances including COVID19, YSD Media reserves the right to appoint another Videographer to attend your event on our behalf. The staff member appointed will be of an exceptional standard required by YSD Media.

In the unlikely event of a total video graphic failure or cancellation of contract by either party in any other circumstance the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract,. Neither party shall be liable for indirect of consequential loss.

Irrespective of the timings of the event the YSD team operate until 9pm unless prior agreement with Stefan Remneson has been made. Overtime is charged at £150 per hour and will be advised and billed prior to the release of any footage


All YSD Media staff members will follow government advice regarding operating during the pandemic and comply with the risk assessment laid out by YSD Media and /or the venues it’s supplying.

YSD Media will not tolerate abuse towards its staff, whether physical, verbal or any actions that the staff member deems threatening and/or dangerous. If such should occur the YSD Media team member reserves the right to leave the event whether filming is completed or not. Liability will remain with the client and YSD Media will offer no full/partial refund.

If video coverage is greater than 5 hours, the client is required to provide a hot meal to the videographer(s). It is very important that this be served at the same time as food is served to guests. Vendor meals provided at any other time i.e. at the end of guest service may affect what footage we are available to capture as the videographer may be offsite.

Video Footage/Digital files
Video footage/digital files remain the property of YSD Media. The Videographer will not be solely responsible for the storage and maintenance of footage/digital files, but will keep footage/digital files intact and available to the client for at least 12 months from the date of the event.

Website Display

Footage from the event may be displayed on the YSD Media website. YSD Media will aim to keep these video clips safe from any malicious activity but cannot be held liable or accountable for malicious actions carried out by persons other than YSD Media employees.

Travel expenses are not included in any of the packages unless agreed beforehand. The sum of £0.45 per mile will be charged to cover fuel costs outside of the Cheshire & Manchester areas, if this is relevant to you the YSD staff will make you aware upon booking . All parking costs (when free parking is not available) are to be reimbursed to the Videographer.

For any booking where the venue is more than 100 miles outside of the Manchester/Cheshire area, the videographer reserves the right to request a hotel booking either the night prior to the event or the night of the event depending on running times of the day. This will be organised by the YSD Media team and billed to the client prior to release of footage.

The client may cancel this contract at any time by giving written notice to YSD Media

Cancellation charges are as follows;

  1. More than ninety days prior to the date = deposit only.
    Ninety days to thirty days prior to the date = deposit plus half the
    remaining balance.
  2. Less than thirty days prior to the date = Full balance is owed


All of our films are unique and so delivery times can vary, we aim to have your film back to you as soon as possible. Depending on whether we are in low or high wedding season this can take between 3 and 6 months. We want to provide the best possible films for you and so don’t like to rush the process. YSD Media will keep you informed of our current delivery times.

Our films are delivered using the online platform Mediazilla. On here you will find a menu to access each film (Click HD), you can share this link as you like to enable friends and family to watch whenever and wherever they like. You also have a download button at the top of the page which allows you to save all of your films to your computer, a USB or DVD.

YSD Media USB’S can be purchased in addition at a cost of £50 each.

Most complaints are easily rectified and should first be raised by the client to YSD Media within 7 days from the receipt of their film.


On completion of the online YSD Media booking form you are agreeing to the terms set out. Any questions or concerns may be discussed with Carlene and/or Stefan Remneson of YSD Media prior to securing your booking. No amendments shall be made to the current contract without prior agreement from both parties.