YSD Media – The Corona Blog

We haven’t been on social media so much the last few months. Things have been a little crazy haven’t they?!

Like many other companies in the industry we went from having almost 40 weddings in the diary to a big corona laced zero. Whilst it has been hard steering the YSD ship through these treacherous waters, we have to thank each and every one of our amazing couples who have supported us during this time. You have helped us stay afloat and for that we’ll be eternally grateful. We promise we will return you with a film more than likely filled with Corona themed jokes from your best man 😉

During these unprecedented times we have all had challenges to face. We have thought about the heartbreak that so many of you have had with such factors like losing loved ones, planning the perfect day in an uncertain world and trying to second guess what the future holds. Many of our brides and grooms have postponed which in our opinion was so important.

Why? Well from our vast experience of weddings, YOUR wedding day is not just about you. It’s about the coming together of all the people you care about the most. It’s about all the people you could never have put in a room together, suddenly being together! It’s about that friend who’s always drunk talking to your tee total Grandma for an hour. You probably wouldn’t see this on the day, you would have seen it on your video, on your photographs.

This is why 2020 sucks, but it also doesn’t. For myself, my wife and our 4 children it’s been a time of making lots of memories. (I’ve just tweaked this a bit) I’ve finally had a go at DIY (still terrible), we learnt Spanish for like 10 minutes, we had a 3 week period where I had a developed a serious gin problem, we bought a canoe and we now hold the world record for the amount of questions we’ve had to answer in a 4 month period from the kids. 48,324. 7 since I started writing this Blog.

Whilst we have had no weddings to film… Here is a little bit of what we were getting up to in the heart of lockdown…


So what does the future hold? Well for us, thousands more questions. We have invested in new equipment that will make our films even more amazing! We’re very excited to get shooting again and bring our new techniques into our filmmaking.

For you, it means a day you will remember forever. A day when all of your guests can come together, laugh, joke, cry, sing, get very very drunk and make so many memories. Your wedding WILL happen and it’ll be bigger and better than EVER. And I wouldn’t say best of all but it’s still pretty good, we WILL be there to capture your wedding day.

We cannot wait to share it with you, and I thank you again for supporting us during these challenging times.