Photobooths Make A Wedding

Planning a wedding this year? Then you absolutely must make sure you find the best providers of photobooth hire Manchester has to offer if you really want your guests to have a night to remember. There are all sorts of options available to you, whether you want an old school booth that gives you photos similar in style to passport snaps or if you’re after something a little different like a taxi cab where you can sit in the back and have your pictures taken with all your friends. All sorts of props come with these booths, from silly wigs and elf ears to amazing hats and deely boppers – you can make yourself look as ridiculous as you like and really make some brilliant memories with your pals that will last you a lifetime. Of course, you need to have an official photographer as well so that you don’t just end up with pictures of people looking completely daft, but for a fun addition to a wedding you can’t go wrong with a photobooth. And, after a drink or several, you’ll have a hard time getting your guests out of it! What’s more, a lot of photobooth providers put the pictures of the night up on Facebook and on their website almost as soon as the wedding is over, so people can have a look immediately and see what everyone else got up to without having to wait for the official photos to be ready. It’s such a great way to give your guests a little something extra and to keep them well entertained, which is after all what a wedding is all about.