Trend Alert! Alpacas As Wedding Witnesses!

If you’re looking for something new to make your Asian wedding films extraordinary, what about hiring a few alpacas to really help make your wedding day complete? Apparently, having these animals as witnesses at the ceremony is now on offer at one hotel in Japan. The Epinard Nasu hotel in Tochigi brings in alpacas from the local zoo to act as a witness, with happy couples then able to have the animals feature in their wedding photos and videography, the Daily Mail reports. Trained handlers lead the alpaca (which has been washed and groomed before the ceremony) down the aisle – a great idea if you want something a little different that will have friends and family talking for months afterwards. Of course, featuring animals at weddings is nothing new and if you’d rather opt for something that is less likely to spit at you in your wedding dress, why not stick with a more traditional idea and have doves released after you say your vows. If you’ve got beloved family pets, you can also try and include them in your special day. Train your dog to carry the rings down the aisle or, if you don’t think your pooch will be able to handle the stress of it all, why not dress them up in a fancy wedding bow tie or top hat and have them sat next to you at the altar. Or if you’d rather not have them be a part of the big day itself, why not use them in your save the date cards? Snap a photo of them with a card around their neck that tells people the date and have you and your other half in the background.