Happy Couple Buy 67 Gig Tickets For Wedding Ceremony!

Deciding what to book for your wedding is a big deal and it always makes sense to do something that really speaks to you as a couple so you can really enjoy your day and celebrate in true style together. Why don’t you take a leaf out of Abby Clare and her partner’s book and buy gig tickets for your favourite band for all your friends and family? According to the BBC, Abby and her other half are such big Courteeners fans that the decision was basically made for them when they found the gig in Manchester was on the same day as their wedding. The couple spent more than £3,000 on gig tickets for their wedding reception – and not only that, lead singer Liam Fray sent them a framed lyric sheet of their song Take Over The World as an engagement present. What a nice guy! You can find out how it all goes down by following the #Courteenerswedding hashtag on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. And now the band has got wind of what’s going on, they’re apparently planning on doing something a bit special for the happy couple come May 2017, when they’re getting hitched. Fray told NME that they’re not sure what they’re going to do just yet but it’ll be a nice private affair – that doesn’t draw attention to them in front of 50,000 people. We can’t wait to find out what they’re going to do! For wedding videography in Manchester, call us at YSD Media today.