Fancy Having Your Wedding Photos Underwater?

If you are planning your wedding, there is one craze that you might be interested in – having your wedding photos taken underwater! You could join the many brides and grooms who are opting for incredibly unique wedding albums by having their shots taken below the surface. While you might wince at the idea of ruining your beautiful gown, trash-the-dress wedding photography has been popular for several years now, with many newlyweds choosing to ‘destroy’ their precious wedding dresses in a rather dramatic way while being caught on camera. Lots of brides wade in the sea, some go running through mud, and others jump in a swimming pool without a care in the world once their Big Day has come to an end. This trend is simply an extension of that, and grooms are now joining their new spouses by diving underwater too. Then the wedding photographer or videographer can capture the two lovebirds kissing, embracing or holding hands in this dream-like underwater world. Of course, as it is hard to breathe beneath the surface, the shoot has to be quick, but the photos can make your wedding day look like a real fairy-tale, making it truly worth it! Last week, we revealed another strange wedding trend that is taking the industry by storm – using food that is going to be thrown in supermarket bins to make the wedding breakfast to help cut waste and cut down the wedding budget. For a wedding videographer in Manchester, take a look at our services here.