Would You Have A Bridal Shower?

Getting married is an expensive business, what with the dress, the cake, the hen and stag parties, the honeymoon and the need for an aerial wedding video or similar. So if you’re looking to cut costs anywhere, think about whether you need to have a bridal shower, which many of you are now choosing to opt out of. These are typically rather formal, with all those who have been invited to take part in the wedding in some capacity being asked to attend (bridesmaids, the mothers-in-law, the whole shebang really), but when you’ve got so much to organise for the actual wedding, does it make sense to have another party in the pipeline at the same time? Weddings aren’t just expensive for the people getting hitched, either. They’re also very costly for the guests, many of whom will buy a new outfit for the occasion, spend hours (and lots of money) on the perfect present, finding accommodation if they don’t live near the venue… the list goes on as to what they have to spend their money on. So if you’d like to help them save their cash, perhaps limit the number of pre-wedding shindigs they have to go to. A hen party is probably more than enough if they’re coming to the wedding as well. Of course, it’s up to the individual as to what their wedding budget is spent on, but not having all these other engagements to organise and splash the cash on means you’ll have more money to spend on your actual wedding in the end. If you just can’t say no, however, follow some of these tips to throw the perfect bash.