2015 Wedding Dress Trends

Before you book the best provider of wedding videos Manchester has to offer, you need to make the biggest decision of your life – what sort of dress you want to wear as you walk down the aisle. Make sure you leave plenty of time to find the one, as it can often take a lot longer than you originally thought to find the perfect gown. However, you could follow bridal designer Phillipa Lepley’s predictions for wedding dress trends as a jumping off point if you have literally no idea where to start. Speaking to Hello! Online, the couturier (who’s worked with the likes of Lady Emily Compton and Alice Naylor Leyland in the past) said she thinks lace will continue to be popular well into next year as it’s just so beautiful and very flattering. Full skirts will also prove to be a big draw for many a bride, the expert continued, adding that plain satin dresses are also likely to be seen more and more as women make their way down the aisle. “I imagine we will continue to see more people experimenting with soft muted colours. We have some dresses in our latest collection with very light, dusty pink under-layers which are very subtle, but the overall look is still classical,” she remarked. If you want to look seriously trendy on your big day, it might be worth swapping your white bridal shoes for a pair of blue heels instead, as an increasing number of brides are choosing to wear these over the more traditional choice of show.