Top Wedding Themes Revealed

If you and your partner have a shared interest and want to make it a focus of your impending nuptials, then book the best provider of wedding videos Manchester has around and check out this new study revealing the UK’s most popular themes for ceremonies. It might inspire you to push ahead with yours! Research commissioned by Country House Wedding Venues has revealed that 38 per cent of couples in the UK would love to have a themed ceremony, with top ideas ranging from vintage and Steampunk to Game of Thrones… so if any of these take your fancy, you’ll definitely find yourself in great company. The average wedding costs £20,000, although two-thirds of people do go over budget, the study found. It was also seen that religious ceremonies are falling out of favour, with just one in four considered to have such sentiments involved. Whatever you decide to do and however much money you choose to spend on the big day, it’ll take a lot of planning so make sure that you start in plenty of time so that none of your decisions are rushed. Turn to technology to lend you a helping hand and you could find it all that much easier to bring together. Pinterest is a brilliant resource, with all sorts of ideas and inspiration for all aspects of your wedding so set yourself up with an account today and start pinning everything you want to see at your ceremony. That way, you can just access it from wherever you are and you’ll never forget a thing.