Would You Hashtag Your Wedding?

It’s all about social media these days when it comes to weddings, so after you’ve booked your provider of the best aerial wedding films available, your next major decision is whether or not you should come up with a hashtag for the ceremony and all the organising that goes into it. Many couples out there are doing just that and putting wedding-related information out there on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that other people can join in and see just what’s going on in the months leading up to the big day. It’s also a great idea for the actual ceremony itself. You’re going to be very busy and rushed off your feet, and the whole day will go by in a big old blur so having something like a hashtag you can search on social media for is a brilliant way of seeing how much fun your guests had at your wedding. You could even compile all the tweets and Facebook updates and make yourself a really fun album of memories to cherish alongside your photos and videos. Just don’t forget to tell all your guests about the hashtag so they know what to share their messages under. You could let them all know about it on the invitation, or set up some signs around your venue or on the way into the ceremony so that everyone knows and can start tweeting and Facebooking straight away. There are many ways you can involve social media in your wedding but this could well be one of the most fun ways we’ve come across yet.