Something Borrowed, Something Blue (Shoes)

Finding the perfect dress is usually at the top of the list for most brides-to-be organising their weddings and picking out the best aerial wedding video providers around, but there’s one aspect of her outfit that mustn’t go neglected – the shoes. Because they are typically hidden by a sweeping skirt, many brides aren’t particularly concerned about their footwear, which is a shame as there are some beautiful wedding shoes out there that deserve to be shown off as much as possible. One trend that we’ve noticed here at Your Special Day is an increasing penchant for blue shoes (not necessarily suede, although we’re not ruling that out as an option for you), which look amazing peeking out underneath your dress and means you don’t have to worry about your ‘something blue’ at all. You may have seen former star of The City Olivia Palermo sporting a very natty pair of bright blue Manolo Blahniks (the very same pair that Carrie wore to marry Mr Big in Sex and the City, no less!) when she got hitched to German model Johannes Huebl. We think we can all agree that she looked nothing but absolutely beautiful in her cobalt shoes and her Caroline Herrera dress, that’s for sure. If that doesn’t inspire you to consider donning some blue heels to strut down the aisle in, then we don’t know what will! If you’re wearing a shorter dress, then it might be a fun idea as everyone will be able to see your feet anyway. If you’re going to be hiding your shoes, then it might be less important.