What About A Destination Wedding?

There’s something so magical about having a destination wedding – they really do make your special day that much more memorable and give you and your friends and family something to talk about for years to come. Plus your aerial wedding videos will look amazing if you pick your destination wisely! Did you know you could actually save money if you decide to go abroad to get married? Purchasing an all-in-one wedding package means that everything is basically taken care of for you and you’ll be able to take advantage of the fact that your holiday company will already have good relationships with suppliers – so you can sit back and let them take care of it all for you. If you want a smaller more intimate ceremony, then this would be a great choice. You’ll be more selective over who you invite and you’ll find it a lot more informal and relaxed than if you stay at home to say your vows. You could even save cash on your honeymoon if you pick the perfect destination. After the wedding, guests can all head home and you and your other half can stay in the lap of luxury – because you’re already there! And if you’re keen to ensure that the weather is tip-top for your big day, there’s nothing better than going overseas to get hitched. Just follow the good weather and work out where you want to go based on what the sun is saying. Are you considering a destination wedding? Where do you plan to go? Let us know in the comments below.