Hot Trend: Wedding Tattoos

One of the latest trends for newlyweds is to save a few pennies on the wedding rings and opting instead for wedding tattoos on their ring fingers – certainly something you’ll want your Cheshire wedding video provider to capture on film! Kaley Cuoco (who plays Penny in The Big Bang Theory) is the latest celebrity to go down this route, having had her wedding date to Ryan Sweeting permanently inked on her back. Sadly, the relationship didn’t last and the couple are now divorced – which is perhaps one reason not to opt for ink and stick with the traditional ring instead. If you’re determined to go with his and hers tattoos, however, spend some time browsing the internet to see what other couples have done. Some people opt for tatts on the inside of their wrists (a very popular position, it would seem), or others on their ring fingers… and it’s not just wedding dates that people are going for. We’ve seen photographs of a lion and lioness on the ring fingers of a happy couple, which look amazing and would certainly be a special way to commemorate your wedding. Other lovely examples we’ve spotted include the words ‘together forever’ tattooed on the back of the hands, or roman numerals of the wedding date tattooed just above the rib cage. Of course, this idea isn’t going to suit everyone but if you’d like to do something a little bit different for your wedding day, it might be a fun choice. The fact that tattoos are permanent means they’re a lovely way to cement your relationship after you’ve said your vows.