Did You Get A Pre-engagement Ring

The producers of the best wedding video Manchester has to offer will need to speak to you about you and your partnersโ€™ story before we start to shoot your wedding video. We often talk through how you met and your engagement story, with some people even choosing to have a special engagement video shot. However, we would really like to hear from you if you got pre-engaged. This new trend often involves the decision by a couple to get married but not to get engaged yet. This may be due to being unsure when they actually want to commit to a date for their wedding. Long-distance couples frequently opt for this interim stage. Though some might scoff at the idea, many people who get pre-engaged use the time to discuss their plans for the future before setting any plans in stone and before wedding planning runs away from them. It can be a great time to get your priorities in order for any future wedding or marriage. Some people even go so far as to get pre-engagement rings. These are often less expensive than engagement rings but give you a chance to go ring shopping and decide what it is you would like in the future. For many this is a very personal time where you can finalise your plans and commitment with your partner before going public and letting people know your intentions. For some it can even be an opportunity to slow down if you have had a whirlwind romance. You can read more about the trend on Practicalwedding.com.