Barack Obama Crashes Wedding!

If there’s one person you never thought would pop up in your aerial wedding video it’s probably the President of the United States. But for one fortuitous couple, that’s exactly what happened – ensuring that their special day was certainly one not to forget. According to The Youngrens blog, Stephanie and Brian Tobe were about to get hitched on the Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla but the Secret Service showed up and warned the guests and the would-be newlyweds that the ceremony would have to either go ahead earlier or they’d have to wait. So they decided to wait until the President had finished up his golf game. “President Obama was kind and wonderful. When he shook Brian and Stephanie’s hands, he apologised for delaying the ceremony and then shared some advice with Brian, who is also from Chicago,” photographer Erin Youngren wrote on her webpage. What a great story! It’s the stuff dreams are made of, that’s for sure. Who wouldn’t want someone so important to be a feature of their wedding photos and video? It was certainly kind of him to agree to be in the photos – and he looked like he was having a great time! If you’re planning your wedding now and wondering who to hire as your wedding videographer, we here at YSD Media would be more than happy to show you our portfolio. We have years of experience behind us shooting a wide variety of different weddings, so get in touch to discuss your needs. We’re perfectly placed to help you out.