Wedding Guest Costs Now Revealed!

Manchester wedding videography might well set you back a few pennies (totally worth the expense, however), but think about how much your wedding guests are likely to spend in order to attend your special day. New research from One4all Gift Cards has revealed that the average amount that people spend on going to a wedding including accommodation, travel, beauty treatments and outfits comes to £170. Women spend £172 on average and men £166. But what about wedding presents? Couples apparently feel that guests should spend an average of £52 on a present for them and it looks like their guests are representing, since it was seen that they spend an average of £46 on gifts for their friends and family. Yet some do seem to try to skimp where they can. The survey also found that 41 per cent of people have actually given something that they already had in their house as a present, while 37 per cent have given the newlyweds some money as a last-minute pressie. What’s more, ten per cent have bought their presents at a petrol station on the way to the wedding. “It’s interesting to see the extents to which selecting and buying a gift can stress people out – and also quite alarming how many people have resorted to quite cheeky tactics when the panic has set in!” group marketing manager Aoife Davey said. As a guest, it pays to be prepared as you can save yourself money if you plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to book accommodation, for example – get in there as fast as you can so you can take advantage of any deals on offer and to make sure you get a room close to the venue.