Warn Your Wedding Guests About The Dangers Of Drink-Driving

It might slip your mind when organising your nuptials because you’re so busy choosing food, booking your wedding videographer in Manchester and picking out the perfect venue, but you might also want to warn your guests about the importance of booking their taxis home well in advance so they’re not caught out. Figures from Direct Line Car Insurance show that guests consume 14.82 units of alcohol on average when celebrating at weddings. However, ten per cent of people admitted to driving home when they thought they could have been over the limit last year. It might be kind to remind people that they do need to wait nearly 15 hours for the alcohol they’ve drunk to have cleared their system before getting behind the wheel of their car. Director of motor at Direct Line Rob Miles said: “With many hotels asking guests to vacate rooms before midday, there is a risk that many people driving home the day after wedding celebrations will be over the limit. We urge people to plan ahead and take public transport it possible when attending wedding celebrations, or to leave plenty of time before getting behind the wheel.” So what can you do to limit people’s alcohol intake? Not having a free bar is the obvious way to go about this, although you could also implement a bring your own booze policy for the reception and only put a couple of bottles of wine on the tables for your guests. This would also help keep your costs to a minimum!