Could You Organise A Wedding For Less Than £8k?

If you think you could arrange your wedding for £8,000, you would be an average bride and groom, however unrealistic this tight budget might seem to some couples! According to the latest research by Red Dot for Ocean Finance, this is the typical amount Brits spend on their Big Day, and it might surprise you to hear that nearly one-quarter actually only spend £2,000 or less. How much you spend and what essentials you choose for your wedding – from Manchester wedding videography to a vintage car to take you to the church – may depend on your age. The findings showed young people were more likely to shell out for their special day, and those aged between 35 and 44 forked out the most. Indeed, ten per cent of Brits spent between £19,000 and £30,000 on their celebration. However, those aged 55 or older were more than twice as likely to spend less than £2,000. A spokesperson for Ocean Finance Ian Williams noted that “the wedding industry is an expensive business”, advising couples to “only spend or borrow what you can afford”. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we have special packages to suit different budgets, and we can offer bespoke deals if you want something unique. It isn’t just weddings that are becoming increasingly expensive, and Ocean Finance also recently revealed 18 per cent of people turn down invites to stag or hen dos as they’re too expensive. This is not a surprise as men typically spend £235 on a stag do, while women shell out as much as £156 on a hen party.