Couple To Live Stream Wedding Day Over Twitter

Some couples opt to have an unplugged wedding day, where guests aren’t allowed to have their phones on them or share updates on social media sites. And some couples go the entirely opposite way altogether, actually broadcasting their special day for the entire world to see. One of these such couples is Will Diggins and Zoe Anastasi, who have decided to hold the first social media wedding in the UK, with the festivities broadcast on sites like Twitter every 15 minutes by photographers using iPhones, the Daily Mail reports. It certainly seems as though the pair are particularly technology-minded, with the reception walls due to be decorated with social media sites projected onto them and the actual wedding day itself organised over Facebook. Apparently, planning it in this way has helped make guests feel more involved about the whole affair, with lots of photos and stories being shared over the course of the last few months. “More people are really excited about our wedding as they’re not just getting an invite in the post, they can be part of the build-up too. They can see where we are getting married, see pictures of us, see what we’re having for food, make song requests, see who else is going – all via social media. It gets them more involved and that’s the way we want it,” Ms Anastasi said. It certainly makes a lot of sense to hold a wedding in this way if you know a lot of people won’t be able to make it for whatever reason. This way, no one needs to miss out on all the fun! If you’d like to find out more about the services we here at YSD Media offer – such as wedding videography Manchester – get in touch with our experienced team today.