The Average Wedding ‘Costs £24,000’

Anyone who’s in the throes of planning a wedding right now will definitely know how expensive it can be throwing this kind of party. And apparently, the average cost of getting hitched has now climbed to £24,000 – so if you’re about to start wedding planning and are looking into wedding videos in Cheshire, flowers, dresses, suits and everything else, perhaps work out what areas you’re happy to skimp on if you want to keep costs down. Research from insurance specialist WeddingPlan has found that 63 per cent of couples spend the majority of their budget on the venue, followed by food and drink, and the honeymoon. On average, people invite between 50 and 100 guests, the bride will have three or four bridesmaids and more couples are opting to say their vows in a licensed venue as opposed to churches or registry offices. Meanwhile, 94 per cent of couples research weddings online and 44 per cent use social media sites for planning and organising everything. Sites like Facebook and Pinterest are apparently the most popular places for people to go to find inspiration for their own weddings. And make sure you set aside enough time to actually get everything organised – the WeddingPlan study found that almost 50 per cent of people spend between one and two years planning their weddings. There are ways you can keep costs to a minimum if you are on a tight budget for your wedding. Consider making your own wedding favours for example, or your own wedding invitations. You could also look into ditching the more traditional flowers (which can be very expensive) and opt for handmade paper ones, or craft some out of beautiful fabric. This is actually a brilliant idea because it means you’ll be able to keep your flowers forever.