Does A Good Night’s Sleep Lead To A Happy Marriage?

According to a new study in the Journal of Family Psychology, how well you sleep can have serious implications for your marriage. In the Florida State University study, 68 newlywed couples were asked to write down details about how much they slept and their attitudes to their marriage. On days when either spouse slept well, their attitudes to their marriage and their partner were better than on days when they had slept less well. While this may not be shocking news to all, interestingly a good night’s sleep had a more profound effect on men. When asked questions about aspects of married life such as dividing household tasks or disagreements, men who had slept better the night before were significantly more upbeat. This effect was not seen in women. While it’s well known that sleep is required to replenish our energy reserves, the full extent of its role in helping us govern our own self-regulatory systems may not have been realised. It explains why we are so irritable on days we don’t have much sleep, and able to deal with extra stress on days we have slept well. With the study claiming that one third of co-habiting couples have sleep-related issues in their relationship, it seems clear to us that getting to bed early could be the secret to a long and happy marriage. Of course this study only applied to newlyweds, so maybe those who have been together long after a Manchester wedding videographer captured their special day could share the secrets of their success!