What Not To Wear To A Wedding

We’re bang in the middle of wedding season right now, which can be very stressful for guests. Not as stressful for the bride and groom, perhaps, but guests do have a lot to organise – and potentially a lot of money to spend – when their friends get hitched. Here’s a quick guide to getting dressed for a wedding so you can look your best and will have one less thing to worry about.


Obviously, the only person who should be seen in a white dress at a wedding is the bride. Unless she’s explicitly come out and said that it’s fine for other people to wear white, you’re always, always, always best off steering clear of this particular colour. There’s a whole rainbow out there for you anyway.

Anything see-through

It might be August and it might be baking hot but that doesn’t mean it’s ever appropriate to wear see-through clothing to a wedding. Even if you have something like a little playsuit to put under your sheer dress, it still might not look as classy as you think. Err on the side of caution, we advise.

Hot pants

Even if it’s a beach wedding, hot pants probably aren’t the best choice. You want people to be talking about you and your outfit for all the right reasons, not all the wrong ones so keep the short shorts at home until you’re going on holiday.

A bridesmaid’s dress

Again, this sounds like an obvious one but there are so many beautiful dresses out there that could serve as a bridesmaid’s dress as well that you do have to be a bit careful. When out shopping, why not take a friend so you can get an outsider’s opinion as to whether or not your choice looks like it could make it look like you’re part of the bridal party.

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