4 British Wedding Traditions To Inspire You Today

Planning a wedding is a lot of fun (but don’t expect it to be stress-free!), and there’s an awful lot to think about and get sorted out. Even if you’re not planning a hugely traditional affair, it’s always fun to bring in a few old ideas and mix them in with the new so that there’s something for everyone on your special day. Here are four British wedding traditions that might inspire you in your own wedding plans.

Engagement announcement

Once you’ve got that ring on your finger, ask your father to publish an engagement announcement in your local paper. Wording like this is traditionally used: “The engagement is announced between Richard, elder son of Mr and Mrs John Smith of Sale, Manchester, and Elsie, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Joe Bloggs of Northwich, Cheshire.”

Receiving lines

People used to have a receiving line at weddings as a matter of course but they’ve fallen out of favour in recent times. They are lovely, however, and they give everyone a chance to say congratulations to the bride and groom before you all sit down for the wedding breakfast.

Wedding pearls

Another fun tradition to consider is the wearing of wedding pearls. Apparently, they represent the bride’s tears, ensuring that she’ll have a happy and tear-free wedded life. How lovely!

Check the time

This might be one for just you and your other half but it used to be a tradition to exchange your vows as the minute hand on the clock ascends towards heaven, or pointing upwards. It might be hard to work this into your big day but why not give it a go? For wedding videos in Manchester, call us here at YSD Media today.