Pets At Weddings: Yes Or No?

There are lots of things that can go disastrously wrong when saying your vows, but couples who have just booked the best provider of photobooth hire Manchester has available might want to consider damage limitation by not allowing pets anywhere near their ceremonies… just in case. It might well be adorable to have your 17-year-old family dog trot down the aisle with the rings attached to his collar, but the old adage of never working with animals or children should perhaps always apply to weddings if you don’t want anything to go horribly wrong. One couple, Matt and Kelly Gamblin, learned the hard way that pets and nuptials simply don’t mix after a hungry pooch crept into their reception tent and helped himself to their wedding cake. According to the Daily Mirror, the newlyweds’ red velvet cake – baked by the bride’s grandfather, no less – was demolished in next to no time and, although they initially thought it had been damaged while being driven to the venue, the game was up after they spotted a giveaway trail of paw prints heading off across the dance floor. If you absolutely have to have Rover at your wedding, just make a few plans first in case something does go wrong. Make it a bridesmaid duty to keep an eye on the dog, or split it between them and the groomsmen – just so there’s always someone around who knows what that pesky pup is up to. Or you could make sure your cake is well out of the reach of any animal whatsoever, just in case the devil takes them and they decide it’s far too good not to taste test.