Bridesmaid For Hire!

We’d hope that if you’re getting hitched and have found the best provider of wedding videos Manchester has available that you’ve already got your bridesmaids and groomsmen fully sorted by now – but just in case you haven’t, and just in case you can’t think of anyone suitable to fulfil the role of bridesmaid, you can now apparently hire one to help you out on your big day. According to a Daily Mail news report, 26-year-old Jen Glantz became so good at being a bridesmaid, having done so for all her friends, that she decided the time was right to start up a business offering her bridesmaid services to other women taking the plunge. “I’ve always loved weddings and I love being a part of them,” she remarked. “My favourite thing is watching the bride walk down the aisle. It’s such a lovely moment and it’s such a wonderful feeling to be part of that.” Ms Glantz’s job apparently involves getting the guests up and dancing, writing speeches and holding the bride’s dress for her when she has to pop to the loo. Of course, the vast majority of brides will already have their entourage on hand to offer her assistance, whatever this may be, and if you’re lucky enough to have been chosen to be someone’s bridesmaid here are our top tips to help you do an excellent job. First of all, make sure you plan the hen party to end all hen parties that is specifically tailored to your friend and her interests. Give her constructive feedback when it’s asked for, make sure you keep makeup and tissues in your bag at all times and remember the golden rule – if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all!