John & Yoko’s Stolen Wedding Photos Finally Recovered

We would certainly be very upset if someone made off with our Cheshire wedding videos, no matter who we were filming – so we can only imagine how Yoko Ono must have felt when 118 pictures from her wedding to John Lennon were taken in 1975. According to the Daily Mail, photographer David Nutter was summoned by Peter Brown, The Beatles’ Apple Corps executive, and sent on a mission to Portugal to photograph the top-secret ceremony. He later lent his negatives to Lennon’s former assistant, Anthony Fawcett, who then told him when he tried to get them back that sadly his apartment had been repossessed and all his belongings had been taken. And now a Mail on Sunday investigation has seemingly uncovered the rare photographs after an undercover reporter posed as a collector following a tip-off that they were being touted for sale. The negatives themselves are thought to be worth around £100,000, so it’s great that they’ve finally been discovered once again. We’re sure Yoko will be really happy to see her snaps again! It would be absolutely devastating if your photos of your wedding ceremony were to go missing. You should always make sure that you check your photographer or videographer has professional indemnity insurance in place before you sign up with them, so you know they’re covered for negligence and loss of images if the SD card corrupts or if the hard drive fails. If you’d like to find out more about the services we here at YSD Media offer, get in touch with our experienced team of wedding photographers today.