102 Year-Old Couple To Celebrate 80th Anniversary

If there’s something all our brides and grooms looking for wedding photo booth hire in Manchester are hoping for is to have images that capture the real love story behind their relationship. And there are few greater love stories than that of Vern and Gene Baxter, who, at 102 years old, are preparing to celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary later this year. Married on August 22nd 1936, they tied the knot a mere seven months after meeting, and yet their marriage is one of the longest lasting in history. The Iowa-based pair met when Vern walked into the car dealership that Gene worked in, with Gene telling the Cedar Rapids Gazette she was the “slickest chick you’d ever seen – sexy looking”. After a short courtship, the couple went on to marry and create a long life of happy memories, including having three children. Speaking with the news provider, Gene said the years have been filled with lots of fun, commenting: “We both got older and smarter. She has been real good – a terrific wife.” Though the 80th wedding anniversary doesn’t have a traditional symbolic gift like the 25th or 50th celebrations, modern presents include diamonds or pearls. Couples married for 25 years traditionally give each other silver, while 50 years married is known as the golden wedding anniversary, with this precious metal a lovely gift to receive from your spouse. Those lucky enough to be married for 75 years could exchange diamonds to celebrate this amazing milestone in their relationship.