Do You Have Wedding Insurance?

It may not be something you’ve considered in your wedding planning, what with having to decide on Manchester wedding video providers, flowers, caterers, venues and lots, lots more, but you might want to look into taking out some kind of wedding insurance just in case. Weddings certainly aren’t cheap (the average is around £20,000) so it’s important that you do think about taking steps to protect your big day. You can find policies that will cover you from up to two years in advance and, although there are sure to be some differences, you will typically be covered for cancellation or rearrangement because of accident, bereavement or illness within the main wedding party, as well as due to supplier failure. You can also take out insurance to cover you for damage to wedding attire, retaking of photographs, loss of wedding rings, wedding cars, wedding videos, problems with the cake or flowers, and personal liability and legal expenses. Make sure you read the small print so you know what you are covered for and what you aren’t. Generally, policies will not cover you if you or your other half changes their mind, if you can no longer afford to go ahead with the wedding, or for theft or damage to wedding clothes because of cleaning. We’re constantly reading in the news about wedding venues going out of business, which of course will have a serious impact on brides and grooms everywhere. Don’t let this happen to you – insurance is simply buying peace of mind so that you know you’ll be able to get married eventually, even if something does go horribly wrong.