Will Kate Middleton Be Pippa’s Maid Of Honour?

Pippa Middleton nearly stole all the attention when she was a bridesmaid at big sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William. However, now that Pippa is the bride-to-be, the question remains whether she will choose the Duchess of Cambridge to be her maid-of-honour?s thought that more than two billion viewers watched the royal wedding in 2011 across 180 countries. People all over the world saw Pippa walking down the aisle at Westminster Abbey wearing a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress that clung to her figure and made her the talk of the day.

But with Kate, or Catherine as she’s now known, already in the spotlight as the future Queen, it is unknown whether Pippa would want her big sister to steal the limelight from her when she weds her financier fiancé James Mathew next year. Royal author Judy Wade has said: “If your sister is a future Queen, she is going to upstage the bride and draw attention. Kate would want to be in the background as much as possible.” If Kate had any part at the wedding, she would have to be maid of honour, not bridesmaid, as she is already married. However, she may instead leave formal wedding duties to her children – Princess Charlotte and Prince George – instead, who may take on roles as flower girl and pageboy. Instead of the huge event Kate and Wills had, including a ceremony at Westminster Abbey and reception at Buckingham Palace, Pippa’s big day will be a lot more low-key. Instead, she reportedly wants to tie the knot at a church near her parents’ home in Englefield, Berkshire, before enjoying a reception for 150 people in their back garden. To capture the special moments from your Big Day, whatever you choose to do, check out YSD Media’s wedding videos in Manchester.