Syrian Refugee Comes To Bride’s Aid On Big Day

The thing about your wedding day is that even the smallest event takes on new significance you might want to capture on film in the best wedding video Cheshire has to offer, even something as simple as mending a broken zip. This was the story of a bride in Canada, who when it came to getting ready for her wedding had to contend with the zip on her beautiful dress coming loose, meaning she couldn’t fasten herself in. Not an ideal start to your wedding day, however, the wedding photographer suggested a bridesmaid pop next door to see if they had a pair of pliers so that the bridal party could make a quick fix. However, as photographer Lindsay Coulter retold in her Facebook post according to The Telegraph, they just so happened to find a master tailor having recently taken up residence with the family next door. “She came back with a handful of tools and some interesting information. The next door neighbour was hosting a family of Syrian refugees and the father was a master tailor and would be happy to help if we weren’t successful,” she wrote. The man, Mr Ibrahim Halil Dudu, had only arrived into the country four days ago and were unable to speak English, using Google Translate to communicate with his hosts, however, he was more than happy to help get the bride, Jo Du, back on track for her big day. Photographer Lindsay said that she is humbled by the resilience of the Syrian people, and proud of Canada for throwing open its door to help home those fleeing the conflict in Syria. She has now set up a GoFundMe page to help contribute to their plight and support those who have come to live in Canada.