Personal Touches Make A difference

You’ve hired the best north west wedding video provider and you have your dress, make-up and hair all planned out to reflect you – but what about how the venue looks? Whether it’s a wedding in a church, a big country house or even outdoors, your big day can be enhanced with a few personal touches to the decor. One increasingly favoured trend (particularly in barns or old, dark houses) is to use branches and lanterns to create a rustic feel to the venue inspired by nature. Lanterns can be costly, so why not ask friends and family for their old jars to decorate and use as candleholders to create a romantic feel instead? Personalised jars can also double up as place cards or a unique wedding favour for the guests to take home and can fit any theme. Make sure to wash them out thoroughly though – you’ll want the guests to admire your handiwork, not the smell of Bolognese sauce! Another popular direction is a vintage theme to the decorations and there’re plenty of reasons why. Apart from the romance that antiques and old-world items can bring to the big day, many couples incorporate family heirlooms into the decor to give it a personal twist. Whatever your choice of venue, the most dramatic and elaborate church or the simplest grotto can be improved to make your day all that more special and the smallest personal touch can be enough to make it truly memorable for both you and your guests. Check out Pinterest for some lovely ideas.