Do You Want Gary Barlow To Sing At Your Wedding?

If all you do each night is pray that Gary Barlow would provide the entertainment for your big day, then you’re in luck, as the singer has just announced that he will perform at three people’s receptions this year… if they stalk him on Twitter. If you’re lucky enough to be picked, just make sure you’ve got the best Manchester wedding videographer on hand to capture all the excitement! The singer took to the microblogging site to explain that since he receives thousands of requests each and every week to be someone’s wedding singer, he wants to do it for real this year – although he won’t publish the results of the competition on Twitter until after the weddings have taken place. “In the past best friends have organised these things so if you want to keep a surprise no problem,” the troubadour went on to write on the site. No doubt there are scores of excited brides up and down the UK currently getting into proper Twitter stalking mode right now in the hopes of being picked by the crooner. It really would be the icing on the wedding cake to have such a famous face come along to share your special day with you – your friends and family will be talking about the event for years to come! So if you’d like to have something a little bit out of the ordinary this year, make sure you’re an active member of Twitter and that you follow Mr Barlow forthwith.