How To Choose Your Bridal Bouquet

Choosing what flowers to walk down the aisle with is a big decision (almost as big as deciding which of the wedding video Manchester services you’re going to hire), so just take your time and don’t rush into anything until you’re absolutely sure. Follow our tips and you’ll definitely end up with the best bouquet there ever was. 1. Get the dress first It’s much easier trying to find some flowers that suit your dress than the other way around and you can take in a photograph of your gown when you go to visit the florist. 2. Think seasonally Do your research and find out what’s in season as some flowers won’t be available when you plan to get married and, if they are, they could end up costing you an absolute fortune. 3. Go personal Weddings are the perfect opportunity to show your family how much they mean to you so try to put something personal in your bouquet, be it an old bit of lace from your mother’s wedding dress or an old family heirloom. 4. Size does matter As beautiful as a huge bouquet of flowers will look as you walk down the aisle, it might be a better idea to go for something a bit more manageable. You’re going to have to carry it around with you for quite a while so something light might be better. Plus, imagine hitting someone in the head with a huge bunch of flowers when you toss the bouquet after the ceremony! For more tips, visit The Knot.