5 Wedding Makeup Tips

You want to look your absolute best as you walk down the aisle so that you know your face will stand up to scrutiny when the company that provides the greatest wedding videos Manchester has to offer returns your film. So here are our top tips for doing your bridal makeup this year.

  1. Do your research

Don’t just wing it, do a bit of research into different styles and ways of doing your makeup that you really like and when you go for a trial, take these with you as a reference point for your makeup artist.

  1. Wear white

When going for your makeup trial, make sure that you wear a white t-shirt or dress so you can see how what you want done stands up against pale shade. It’s a good idea to take a photo of yourself in daylight as well so you can see what it all looks like before you spend any money.

  1. Get plucked

Have your eyebrows shaped and plucked the day before your wedding day (at least). Whatever you do, don’t pluck on the actual day as you could cause an irritation or look a bit red and swollen as you saunter down that aisle.

  1. Think seasonally

If you’re getting hitched in the spring or summer, go for a foundation with a lighter texture with some powder on top so you steer clear of the dreaded shine. Those of you having an autumn wedding, opt for some bronzer for a touch of colour and a good foundation.

  1. Don’t forget the dress

When it comes to choosing your makeup look, think about the type of dress you’re wearing – the two need to complement each other. If you’ve got something romantic and soft, then piling on the eye makeup for a trendy smoky look won’t really go. You want something a bit more dewy-eyed and fresh. Have a look at this Cosmopolitan article for some makeup style ideas.