Hot Trend: Pork Pie Wedding Cakes!

We’ve long been saying that the traditional three-tier wedding cake is on the way out and now it seems as though sweet puddings in general themselves may be falling out of favour with brides and grooms around the UK. What we’ve been seeing a lot more of as we traverse the country making aerial wedding films and others is, wait for it, pork pie wedding cakes! Sometimes it’s fun to think outside the box a little bit and there’s no need to worry that there won’t be enough suppliers of pork pies compared with wedding cakes. You could, for example, head to The Ginger Pig which offers a tiered pork pie cake that can be decorated as you like and filled with all sorts of tasty treats that are layered up with pork, with the ‘cake’ finished off with beautiful fruits and herbs. Alternatively, if you’re not fussed about going for a shop-bought option, Marks & Spencer does a tiered celebration pork pie for ยฃ99. Or, if you and your other half are feeling especially virtuous, you could even dedicate a weekend to making your own pork pie wedding cake. That way you’ll have complete control over the kind of fillings you want and can have a lot of fun in the build-up to the wedding testing out different flavours and really perfecting the art of making short crust. What could be quite fun would be making your three-tier pork pie cake and then giving a little nod to the recent cupcake trend of weddings past by making lots of mini pork pies for your guests to eat as the night wears on.