Watch This Emotional Wedding Haka

If you’re looking for the best wedding videographer Manchester has to offer, you’re sure to be thinking about how to capture and share the most special moments of your big day in a way that’s easy to relive for everyone. In all honesty, you never know the emotions your wedding will bring to the surface, so a video really is essential for capturing these moments. If you need such an example, just take a look at this video from the wedding of Aaliyah and Benjamin Armstrong in New Zealand this month that has been watched over 19 million times. At the ceremony, the bridal party performed an emotional haka for the bride and groom – a traditional Māori dance best known when performed by New Zealand’s All Black rugby team. While you might imagine it to be a violent, almost angry performance in context of a rugby match, it’s actually more a display of the tribe’s pride, strength and unity, as well as describing the story of the tribe’s ancestors, says While the haka was traditionally used on the battlefield, it’s still featured today in ceremonies and family events. This goes to explain why the couple were so moved by the performance, both breaking down in tears before joining in with the haka themselves with the chanting and foot stomping. Usually women do not take part in the haka dance. However, the video shows not only Aaliyah taking part, but a bridesmaid too. It really is one of the best parts about being a wedding videographer – getting to see family and cultural traditions on the most intimate and special of occasions!