4 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Wedding Day

No one wants to hold a budget wedding if they can help it but such shindigs are incredibly expensive and after you’ve sorted out the Manchester wedding videographer, the venue, the food and the flowers, there may not be that much left in the kitty to spend on other extras. To help, here are four ways to cut costs if that’s what you’re keen to do.

Use your iPod

Can’t avoid a DJ or a band? Don’t let that worry you too much – simply hook up your iPod to some speakers and create your own wedding playlist. This way you’re in complete control over what’s played and you can make sure all your favourite tracks will get some air time.

Winter weddings

Planning a wedding in the off season can help you save loads of money. Venues and other wedding providers can charge more during the summer because that’s when everyone wants to get hitched – but they often cut back the prices in winter when they’re less busy and actually need to drum up a bit of business.


You might want to have your own dress you can keep forever but your groom and the groomsmen may well be less fussy. It’s cheaper to rent suits and tuxes than it is to buy so do this if you really want to spend money elsewhere.

Think seasonally

When it comes to food and flowers, picking what’s in season when you’re going to be getting married will help keep the costs down as well. If flowers have to be shipped from overseas, the price will certainly reflect that.