Would You Borrow To Fund Your Wedding?

There’s no denying that getting married is an expensive affair – there’s a lot to pay for after all, from the wedding cake and Manchester photo booth hire to the flowers and your photographer and videographer. Finding the cash for it all can be pretty hard… So it’s perhaps unsurprising that a new survey from the Debt Advisory Centre has revealed that 23 per cent of couples actually borrow money to fund their special day, taking out £3,800 on average. Of those who did take out credit to pay for their weddings, 47 per cent admitted that they wish they had either borrowed less or not borrowed anything at all. What’s more, 29 per cent of couples were still paying their debts off some six years after their weddings. “While celebrities can afford to spend enormous amounts on their dream weddings, for most people this kind of luxury is out of reach and it’s not advisable to get into debt to meet these aspirations. Getting married is about making a lifetime commitment, not just one day of extravagance,” spokeswoman for the centre Melanie Taylor remarked. There are ways you can cut costs on your wedding if you’re keen to stick to a tight budget, however. For example, you could ask a friend or relative to make the cake, or you could make all the decorations yourself. Wedding favours can also be handmade and there is a huge number of second-hand wedding dresses available to buy on eBay, Preloved or even dedicated second-hand bridal shops like Sell My Wedding Dress.