Would You Ban Mobiles At Your Wedding?

These days, it’s not an unusual sight in the very least for guests to assume the role of the best wedding videographer Manchester has available and whip out their smartphones as their friends say their vows to document the occasion, but it can be very distracting – especially if there are lots of flashes going off around the church. What you could do in order to make sure that your friends and family watch you get hitched in real life and not behind a screen is put a ban on all mobile phones until after the ceremony, taking a leaf out of George Clooney’s book. Apparently, the Hollywood A-lister – who got married this month (September) to internationally acclaimed barrister Amal Alamuddin – banned the use of all mobile phones and tablets at his three-day wedding to help prevent any unauthorised photos from being leaked to the press. Unlike Mr Clooney, it’s not hugely likely that you’ll have newspapers banging on your door to buy the exclusive rights to your wedding photos (although a girl can dream!), but it could be worth putting a ban on the gadgets during the ceremony anyway so that you don’t get distracted as you walk down the aisle. Alternatively, you could ask your vicar to make a polite suggestion at the start of proceedings asking people to hold off from taking photos until after the vows and have a specific part of the wedding set aside, perhaps when you’re signing the register, where guests can come and snap a few pics of you and your new husband or wife.