Victory Rolls : A New Wedding Hair Trend

Brides keen to look as good as possible in their Manchester wedding videos will certainly be concerned with what hairstyle to go for on their big day – and which will look the best when paired with their perfect dress. Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day and one of the most popular hairstyles to emerge in recent times for contemporary nuptials actually looks to the past and the 1940s for inspiration. Victory rolls – often said to be named after fighter plane manoeuvres during World War II – became very popular among women and Hollywood glamazons of the time, with the bobs of the 1930s soon falling behind. Victory rolls make a great option for brides planning their big day, as they can be done on both long and short hair, a versatility that makes them highly attractive. There are also a variety of ways in which they can be worn – on one side for a very dramatic look, to either side of a centre parting, or at different levels on the head. However you decide to wear your victory rolls, you can rest assured that you’ll look both trendy and beautiful on your big day. To have a go at the style yourself, follow the steps on one of these videos: