The History Of The Groom’s Cake

You may be well into planning the best wedding video Manchester has ever seen, but have you planned to have a groom’s cake at your wedding? The groom’s cake is not as modern as many people assume as it was started in Victorian England well over a century ago, though it has re-emerged in recent years at weddings taking place in the American South. The cake was originally a rich fruit cake with strong flavours including chocolate and alcohol, and was to be served to the male guests. A recipe for groom’s cake was published in the The British Baker in 1897 and features a dense fruit cake. In the American South there is sometimes a tradition to serve the groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner, an American tradition of a meal hosted by the groom’s family for out of town guests. It is considered improper to serve them together, although there is a tradition for a two-tiered cake to feature both the bride and groom’s cakes and be served together to guests. Sometimes, the cake is also served as a dessert for guests at the wedding breakfast, leaving the bride’s cake as the main wedding cake. It is common for the cakes to be decorated with designs showing off the groom’s hobbies and interests. Groom’s cakes are a great way to provide a focus for the groom on a day that focuses so much on the bride. Find out more about the history of groom’s cake on the Martha Stewart website.