Quiet Honeymoon’s Now on Trend

If you’re getting married in the near future and have already booked the best provider of wedding videos Manchester has to offer, then you’re sure to be thinking about where you and your other half want to go away on honeymoon – and you might be interested to hear that there is a big new trend emerging for quieter trips away that aren’t quite so extravagant or luxurious. Honeymoon expert for Mr & Mrs Smith Susannah Garcia explains that it’s now all about “down to earth luxury” and the holidays with Michelin restaurants, crisp white linens and spas are now falling out of favour with newlyweds. “Couples don’t necessarily want a long-haul flight and an awkward transfer just to get somewhere remote for the sake of it โ€“ they often want to check in somewhere rural and relaxed,” she said. Even Kanye West and Kim Kardashian – a couple not exactly renowned for simple living – are getting in on this trend, staying at a hotel on the shores of west Ireland after saying their vows. They were spotted going to the cinema, having a picnic and doing a bit of bike-riding – and seeing this couple going on this type of trip away is sure to help further the notion of a more normal honeymoon. Of course, it is always down to the individual and it may be that you’ve been dreaming of white sandy beaches and azure seas for so long that only that will do, but do a bit of research into what you have right on your doorstep as well. You might be pleasantly surprised. ย  http://www.mydaily.co.uk/2014/06/03/the-rise-of-the-normcore-honeymoon/