How to Choose a Wedding Cake

Wedding planning comes with all sorts of interesting and fun decisions, from which flowers you want to decorate the church with to whether photobooth hire is right for you. One big decision that shouldn’t be left to the last minute is what style and flavour of wedding cake you want for your big day. In order to make sure that you get the best possible cake on your wedding day, you need to do a lot of research into different cake designers and, once you’ve settled upon one whose gateaux you really do quite like the look of, you should definitely give them a taste test before you buy. After all, it might look delicious but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is the case – so don’t forget to take a big bite! As for the style of your cake, it’s definitely advisable to go for something that matches other elements of your wedding. For example, if the dress you’ve chosen has lots of nice white polka dots on it, why not translate that to the cake and decorate the icing with polka dots as well? One huge trend for wedding cakes to have emerged recently is lace cakes, where lace-like detailing is pressed into the icing for a truly unique, stand out look that will have your guests very impressed indeed. You also need to sit down and discuss your favourite flavours with your fiancรฉ so you both end up with something you like the taste of – or you could do what a lot of people do and have different flavours for each layer.,Food+&+Wine+_PLAFood+&+Wine+–%3E+Cakes+To+Order+–%3E+Wedding+Cakes+–%3E+Tiered+Cakes_M&S+Lace+Sponge+Wedding+Cake?s_kwcid=AL!{ef_userid}!{ef_sid}!{creative}!{matchtype}!{placement}!{network}!{adwords_producttargetid}!{keyword}&ef_id=tGFN6L88j1gAAEy0:20140411113121:s