Fake Tan Wedding Tips

dressAfter you’ve booked your Manchester wedding video company, you can turn your thoughts to other aspects of the big day and one huge question plaguing brides all over the UK is this: fake tan – yea or nay? We don’t get a huge amount of sun in this country (although we can’t deny that this summer has been a particularly good one, weather-wise) so unless you spend a lot of time on a sun bed in the weeks leading up to your wedding, you either have to be happy being a little pale as you walk down the aisle or you have to slap on a bit of fake tan to really glow once you’ve put your wedding dress on. If you’ve never fake tanned before, you should definitely do a trial run so you can work out what shade looks best on you. Going to see a professional spray tanner could be a good idea as well, as then you’ll know you’ll come away without any missed bits and blotches. Make sure that you apply your tan at least two days before your wedding so it has a chance to settle down and look as natural as possible when your wedding day dawns. You also don’t want it to rub off on your dress and leave brown marks everywhere! Also make sure that you don’t do much in the way of self-tanning in the weeks leading up to the big day, so you don’t end up with a build-up and ruin all your wonderful wedding photos. For more tips on how to get the perfect self-tan for your wedding, check out this Cosmopolitan feature, with advice from tanning expert James Harknett.