Control The Weather On Your Wedding Day – For A Price!

Who doesn’t want it to be bright blue skies and lots of sunshine on their wedding day? Asian wedding videos and others look great when the weather’s perfect – and now you can apparently orchestrate it so that any potential rain clouds are chased away before they have a chance of spoiling your special day. Oliver’s Travels is now offering happy couples a cloud-bursting service (known as cloud seeding) where rockets filled with silver iodide crystals are fired into clouds to freeze the water droplets, which makes the clouds burst and then magically disappear. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, yes, but you will have to shell out for the privilege of clear skies if you’re desperate for good weather. The company is asking for £100,000 from brides and grooms to make sure that the sun shines and precipitation is kept well at bay while all the photos are being taken. That’s a pretty penny indeed when weddings aren’t exactly cheap to begin with but if you’re desperate for the sun, then it might be something worth considering. Alternatively, just make sure that you stock up on umbrellas and wellies for your guests in case the heavens do open. It always pays to be prepared – especially when you’re getting hitched in the UK, since who knows what the weather’s going to do at any given moment. Would you think about going for cloud seeding at your wedding or is it a ridiculous expense? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!