Choose A Naked Wedding Cake

All the details at your wedding are important if you want to get the best wedding videography Manchester has to offer. A striking current trend is to do away with overly ornate wedding cake and have it prepared ‘naked’. This means that it is not iced on the outside. Don’t worry about it not looking suitable for a wedding though, they are instead decorated with fruit and flowers, with the fillings of exotic fruit on show. Flowers can be designed to tumble down outside of these cakes, which looks fantastic on any cake, but particularly on tall ones. If you do choose a naked cake you need to consider the following:


Most naked cakes are Victoria sponges, but you can of course go for other flavours. Vanilla and citrus are popular, and if you want to experiment with colour how about a chocolate or red velvet naked sponge?


This is where the naked cake really comes into its own. You need to make sure that whatever you choose will hold in place without a fondant icing covering it, and also that it looks visually appealing. Summer fruits in cream are common, though you could substitute the cream for mascarpone or butter cream if you wish. Autumn fruits or tropical fruits could also work well.


Flowers and fruit are popular. Just make sure they are edible before instructing your baker to adorn the cake you will be serving to your guests with it.