5 Fun Wedding Superstitions

Everyone knows about something borrowed, something blue, but after you’ve sorted out your north west wedding video provider, think about what other fun wedding superstitions you can include in your nuptials. Here are our top five.


Apparently, finding a spider in your wedding dress is supposed to be good luck. We’re not sure about this one ourselves, but if your friend is getting hitched this year, why not put some plastic ones in there instead of the real deal? We’re sure that’ll count as well.

Last names

OK, so it’s probably a bit too late to change it if this is the case for you and your other half, but we’ve heard that having last names that start with the same letter is bad luck for would-be brides and grooms. Better change your names quick smart if you want to have a happy marriage!

Wedding veils

Lots of brides opt out of wearing a veil but if you’ve been toying with the idea of giving this up in favour of a tiara, a crown of flowers or just a bare head, bear this in mind – according to the Romans, the wearing of a veil is actually supposed to help keep evil spirits at bay.

Throwing shoes

Get ready to duck! A custom dating back to Tudor times involves men at the wedding throwing their shoes at the bride and groom for a taste of good luck. If you suspect that your male guests’ aim might not be amazing, just ask them to tie them to your car instead.

Mirror, mirror

Watch out, ladies – don’t spend too long in front of the mirror. It’s thought to be good luck for the bride to look in the mirror only once when completely ready before leaving for the wedding. Once you’re on the way, it’s bad luck to look in the mirror before the ceremony.