YSD Media: How We Do What We Do

There are many options out there when choosing a wedding videographer, with a lot of companies charging many different prices. A bride recently asked me what our style is and what makes YSD Media stand out from other companies. This is something I hadn’t really considered before – what does make us different? What I say to every new client is that we can never predict exactly what your wedding video will look like. Every one of our videos is a blank canvas, unique to your day. We have shot 50s themed weddings cut to fast swing music, we have really emotional weddings cut much slower and atmospheric, we’ve shot some weddings where the day is one big party and some that are all about relaxing and chilling out. Whatever your day, whatever style your wedding is going to be, that is how we compose your video. Another question I am asked a lot is how long is my video going to be? Again, that all depends on your big day but we shoot and edit our full length film in a documentary style.  We include the full ceremony and speeches, any banter from the morning prep and sometimes we record you opening a gift and card from your soon to be husband or wife – making sure to catch those tears! The morning prep, reception drinks, opening shots of your venue, our special ‘creative photo shoot’ and the party after the first dance are all cut to music of your choice. One thing that we pride ourselves on is being as discreet as possible when filming your special day. We go out of our way to make sure you and your guests hardly notice us on the day. Obviously, it’s inevitable that you’ll notice us at some point but we will always do our best to stay in the background and let your day unfold naturally. There are two things that we’ll need from you on the day, and the best part is it’s nothing we can’t do when your having the portrait time with your photographer. Our creative photo shoot is what you see on our videos where we have moving cinematic shots of our brides and grooms walking around their wedding venue. Your photographer will be taking pictures at the same time and we only need 5/10 minutes of your day to create these amazing shots. We love movement in our videos – it creates an exciting buzz throughout our wedding films and really shows off our couples and their venues. There’s so much more I could talk about with our films but this is only my first blog and I have to save some content for the next one and keep you coming back for more! For more of our wedding films, follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Thanks, Stefan