Red Wine & Wedding Dresses Don’t Go

You’ve spent hours, days, weeks – even years – planning the perfect wedding, picking out the most beautiful flowers, finding that one dress and making sure you’ve picked the right wedding videographer such as YSD Media… so you might want to avoid over-drinking on the big day itself and, in particular, avoid picking up a glass of red wine if you want your dress to emerge as white as it was when you put it on in the morning.

One celebrity who now knows all too well that red wine and white dresses simply just do not go is Keira Knightly, who wore a stunning knee-length Chanel dress to walk down the aisle when she married Klaxons keyboardist James Righton in May last year. Although the beautiful strapless number made it through her big day unscathed, it was less lucky a few months later when she wore it in December for a charity gala – and had red wine spilt all down the front.

If you’re as unlucky as Keira and suffer a similar mishap on your big day, you might be glad to hear that there are ways in which you can get red wine out of white clothes – if you act quickly, as it’s important to work on the stain while it’s still new. You can use a thick layer of salt, which will absorb the wine after an hour and then be brushed off, or try something similar using milk instead of salt. You can also try using boiling water by stretching your fabric over a pan and pouring it in from above.